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Introducing The Grand Strategiums TGS-500 week day league

Welcome to the TGS 500: A Unique, Fun League with a Twist!

Entries close on Friday 5th of April! 
Games Start Week Commencing 8th April
Sign up here (link also below)

Are you ready to dive into a new dimension of tabletop gaming? Look no further! The Grand Strategium is thrilled to introduce the TGS 500 – a ground breaking league that promises to bring together the thrill of competition with the joy of community gaming. It's not just a game; it's an epic saga waiting for you to write its next chapter.

What is TGS 500?

The TGS 500 is a league unlike any you've experienced before. Designed for those who love strategy, camaraderie, and a bit of friendly competition, this league sets the stage for epic battles and unforgettable moments. Here’s what makes TGS 500 stand out:

- 1-Hour Game Slots: Perfect for fitting into your busy schedule, each match is a concise, action-packed 60 minutes.
- Fun and Unique Game Play: You'll never have the same game twice! "Gift of the machine spirit" with scatter dice to horde mode with more being added!
- Submit 2 Army Lists: Flexibility is key! Submit two lists and prepare for any scenario.
- Affordable Entry: At only £15, you're not just entering a league; you're contributing to the prize pool – and with our usual game cost at only £5 per table, it's an unbeatable deal (league games will include a free bottle of water or 330ml can too)!
Usual 40k rules: The core game play is the same, a couple of changes though - 4 turns. Objectives will score a point each turn held (from turn 2), no secondaries 
No penalty for unpainted plastic: The idea of TGS500 is to get people playing and having fun. There's no points awarded for fully painted and no points deducted for unpainted. 
3D prints: You can't field a fully 3D printed army. 3d printed Kit-bashing, the odd mini are "ok" if your opponent agrees
No Legends Rules: 10th ed isn't the best balanced but legends rules are really unbalanced. Your army has to be 10th edition. 1 model may be ok, if agreed with by your opponent.


How Does It Work?

Each player will face off against each other once (or twice, depending on the number of participants). Coordination is made easy through our dedicated WhatsApp group and booking form. Send a challenge to other players and lock in your game date! 

Scoring in the league is easy: 3 pts for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for loss, -1 for no show (depending on why! we're not that mean if it's an emergency!) 

Results will be updated on the website, socials and in store notice board! 


Prizes Galore!

Victory tastes sweet, but at the TGS 500, everyone gets a slice of the glory. Winners will receive prizes, but so will the most unlucky player - the one who faces the most challenges (our infamous "wooden spork of trying" will be on offer!). Plus, every league game comes with a complimentary bottle of water or a 330ml can of pop to keep you hydrated and energized. Unlucky player will be determined by all players and TGS staff will have final say. 


A Code of Conduct for Fair Play

Fair play is at the heart of TGS 500. We've established a code of conduct to ensure every game is enjoyable and fair. Cheaters, beware – any foul play, including the use of loaded dice, will result in a two-week ban from the store. Let's keep the competition friendly and fun! It's simple if you suspect your opponent is cheating then raise the issue with a member of staff. We'll check the dice or make any rulings that haven't be resolved with a good old fashioned "roll off"

Game Modes

TGS 500 introduces several exhilarating game modes to keep the challenge fresh and engaging. The game mode will be decided by the roll of a dice (or by agreement of both players)!

- Attrition (1 on the dice): The goal is simple – wipe out the enemy. Victory is determined by the points destroyed, testing your strategic mettle to the fullest.
- Horde Mode (2 on the dice): Can you survive the onslaught? Work with or against your opponent, but remember – survival is key. With the horde growing in numbers and speed each round, your tactics will be crucial. The horde will be basic,  M6, 1W, T2, S5, AP-1 but will over-run you if you mis-calculate their potency!
- Hold your ground (5 on the dice): Roll off to decide whose defending, and whose invading - Defenders last 4 rounds, attackers take the strong hold - the twist - the attacking force has round 3 re-enforcements 1 destroyed squad can re-enter the fray, or a squad can be replenished up to its original starting point. The defenders have an orbital cannon (missile rules apply except the offset is D3) that can only be used twice.
- Objectives (3-4 on the dice): The good old fashioned objectives based game. Score points to win.
Gift of the machine spirit (6 on the dice): The ad-mech have gifted us some ancient tech! an ICBM. 2 objectives are added. 1 is a launch console, 1 is a power relay. Hold both to enable a missile strike; Choose High or Low yield and let the scatter dice do their job. Missile profiles are different and High yield is higher risk! They're classed at 3 and 5 attacks (low and high yield), Torrent but not Mortal wounds. Makes it fun and fair.

Join the Adventure

The TGS 500 is more than just a league; it's a community of gamers coming together to celebrate what they love most. Whether you're here to claim the top prize, meet fellow enthusiasts, or simply enjoy the thrill of the game, the TGS 500 welcomes you.

Ready to step into the arena? Sign up now and join the ranks of strategy legends. Let the games begin!


This league is your chance to make your mark, challenge your skills, and maybe even claim the title of TGS 500 champion. Will you rise to the challenge for the Emperor, Chaos Gods, Swarm Lord or Undying Spirit?

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